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Nominations will be accepted until the end of day January 28, 2019.

In what cases should people/groups be nominated for a Green Ribbon Award?

Nominees’ actions should have made a direct and positive contribution to the sustainability of St. George campus. Their contribution may directly conserve natural resources or influence conservation of resources; promote biodiversity; increase awareness of the need for sustainable behaviour; encourage and assist members of the university community to adopt more sustainable behaviours; or help establish a campus culture allowing this to happen.

Who is eligible for a Green Ribbon Award?

Nominees may include students, faculty, staff or external people or organizations. Groups or individuals can be nominated.  Please note that in order to recognize a diversity of initiatives and accomplishments at the St. George community, winners of Green Ribbon Awards in 2017 and 2018 will not be considered for a 2019 Green Ribbon Award. Please view our 2017 and 2018 winners to confirm.

What are the categories?

There are seven categories within the Green Ribbon Awards. Please read the information below to decide which category to choose when nominating a person or group, however, the Sustainability Office may move the nominee into another category if it is more appropriate.

Staff: There are two sub categories, Inspirational & Environmental Footprint.

Faculty member: This can include faculty, instructors, professors or other teaching staff.

Student: This can be an individual student or a group (e.g. project groups not recognized student clubs/groups). There will be two sub-categories, undergraduate and graduate.

Student Group: There will be two sub-categories, undergraduate and graduate.

Innovation: This is a new category for innovative solutions in operations, research, start ups etc. at St. George campus.

External: This can be an agency or entity outside the University that has aided the campus community to be more sustainable.

The Beth Savan Honourary Award: This category is for people who have been associated with the University but do not fall under the above categories. For example, past staff, faculty, students or alumni.

How do I make a nomination?

To make a nomination, please use the online form below.

Questions? Email us for more information and for past winners.

  • You will be anonymous, if you want.
  • Again, you will remain anonymous, if you want.
  • Who you are nominating?
  • Only for use by the Sustainability Office if you choose to remain anonymous.
  • Please choose the category you think is most appropriate, however, the Sustainability Office may move the nominee into another category, if it is more appropriate.
  • Please limit to 150 words. This text may be modified to be used during the voting stage of the awards and will be made public. Links to further materials will not be shared with voters; please ensure all relevant information to the nomination is included here!

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