Paul Leitch

Director of Sustainability

Paul began as Director, Sustainability Operations and Services in August 2012. This role is in keeping with decades of attention to energy and sustainability initiatives at the University of Toronto to reduce the energy and environmental impacts.

A University of Toronto graduate, he received his B.A.Sc. in mechanical engineering in 1979, just as energy and conservation concerns were becoming mainstream. He went on to work in a variety of organizations that specialized in sustainability and low energy/pollution based solutions. He has over twenty years’ experience with building automation systems, energy conservation concepts, renewable energy technologies and is a certified measurement and verification professional. Most recently, he developed business across Canada with renewable energy and clean technology system solutions including wind energy, photovoltaics, solar thermal, ground source energy and biogas systems at Johnson Controls Canada.

Paul’s vision for the St. George campus includes developing utilities conservation measures that will reduce campus energy and carbon footprints, promoting sustainability initiatives for consistent savings, and encouraging behavioural changes amongst students, staff and faculty that fosters a sustainable paradigm. Paul is looking forward to implementing energy and resource projects with reliable business case solutions that improve the comfort of the learning environment. Enhancements such as lighting upgrades, improved interior and exterior space quality, increased natural resource use and over-all energy efficiency across the campus for the long term will be the goal.

Paul thrives in and encourages an integrative and collaborative environment among staff, students and faculty, preferring multi-level consulting with colleagues for targeting, qualifying and evaluating sustainable opportunities. He understands that sustainable solutions will include elements of environmental, social and economics in balance.
Outside of the office he enjoys cycling, walking his dog and swimming. He demonstrates his dedication to sustainability by biking to work and through local actions. Paul also likes to keep up to date and current on topics that focus on sustainable systems both locally and globally.

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