Floor Care

The Caretaking Department has embarked on a five year terrazzo restoration, hardening, and sealing program, which eliminates the need to use topical sealers and floor finishes, thereby eliminating the need to strip and refinish floors.

Floor sealers, finishes, strippers and maintainers generally need to be used as a complete system for maximum effectiveness.  Restorative floor care operations occur on an as-needed basis, not on a predetermined frequency schedule. When possible, floors are not sealed or finished (i.e. natural stone floors, concrete, etc.).  Unfinished and unsealed floors do not require stripping and re-application of sealer or finish, eliminate the need for costly maintenance procedures, and are typically more slip-resistant.

If performance of the environmentally preferred floor care systems is not acceptable, then conventional finish and sealer will be used and maintenance procedures that extend the product life cycle to minimize the frequency of stripping operations will be implemented.  Also, a floor care system that most closely matches Green Seal™ guidelines is selected.

The use of a dust collection mechanism is recommended for high speed burnishers.

Notice of restorative maintenance operations is given to building occupants. Restorative maintenance operations occur during times of minimum building occupancy.

Equipment is selected and staff is trained to minimize water use.

The Caretaking Department is testing auto-scrubbers that use electrolyzed water as a cleaning agent instead of cleaning chemicals.

Environmentally friendly batteries are used (i.e. gel and AGM) where feesable.

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For more information contact Ron Atkins, Manager of Caretaking Services at 416-946-7160, or email ron.atkins@utoronto.ca

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