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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I gain by signing up?

First and foremost, you can shrink the environmental impact of your workplace. If you think people in your office could use a little bit of help in learning about or adopting environmentally-friendly habits, this network is for you. Ambassadors gain critical leadership experience and an enhanced understanding of sustainability issues.

What’s involved?

Green Ambassadors often focus their efforts on actions staff can take to make their workplace more sustainable, particularly small things that anyone can do. Modules that include a newsletter, poster, and other items are available to help address a variety of campus sustainability issues:

  • energy – e.g. ensuring equipment is turned off at night
  • paper – e.g. double-sided printing
  • waste & recycling – e.g. zero-waste lunch challenge
  • food – e.g. lug-a-mug challenge

The Green Ambassador within each workplace will be in charge of communicating key messages to the other staff, collecting feedback, and distributing materials/tools where applicable. The Sustainability Office gives Ambassadors plenty of guidance and resources.

Ultimately, Ambassadors know the challenges and opportunities of the workplace best, so they have a lot of freedom in dreaming up and implementing ways to reduce workplace environmental impacts. Participation can mean as little as passing along a newsletter, or as much as introducing motion-sensitive lighting to your office.

How much time will that take?

This depends in part on how ambitious you’re feeling. Ambassadors should be prepared to spend at least an hour per month on the program, in addition to monthly 1.5 hour campus-wide network meetings.


If you’re considering joining, but have some questions first, email sustainability(at) with “Green Ambassadors” in the subject line or call 416-978-6792.


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Anthroplogy - duplex by default copier

Ambassador Kristy Bard poses with Anthropology’s double-siding photocopier.

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