Places to Walk, Cycle, Eat

by Leslie Barcza

In the summer time, our attention may be distracted by the beauty outside the office window. The grounds of the U of T are for all of us, and are yours to enjoy — especially at lunchtime.

The UC Quad has an Oxfordian collegiality, that is shaded in several places, but open to the sun for those trying to tan. Nearby, the courtyard of Sir Daniel Wilson residence is a bit more open, but like the UC Quad, offers both benches and grass as places to picnic.

For those seeking more seclusion, one can go west, or east. To the east one finds Volunteers Monument behind the Gerstein library, as well as Philosopher’s Walk. Philosopher’s Walk offers several places where one can lose sight of the campus entirely, while staying within the neighbourhood.

Also in the east, the historical ambience of two cannons from the Fortress of Louisborg transports you to another era, in front of Hart House. Similarly, the President’s Grove shades you as you sit beside the old observatory, now known as the SAC building.

In the west, there are also shielded spaces creating great privacy, especially the authentic ecologies of the Earth Sciences Centre, and the lawns of New College.

And running through the centre of the campus are the many places to sit created along St George St. In addition to the green expanses on all sides of Robarts Library, there are shaded places to sit all the way up and down the street from Bloor to College.

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