Metering mail

Postal Metering Procedures & Reminders

You don’t have to renew the lease on your postage meter.  You have an alternative.  Campus Mail Services offers mail metering.  Instead of paying for your lease, let us meter your mail:

…instead of paying those leasing costs.
…instead of the hassles filling the meter.
…instead of finding the correct rates.
..instead of schlepping mail to the mailbox (in all sorts of weather).

Remember: we are already delivering mail to you.  You see us every day.  Give us your unstamped mail to meter, and we’ll simply bill you through FIS, for the postage plus a small surcharge for picking up, metering, and then getting your metered mail to Canada Post.

What could be simpler?

Contact Mail Services if you’re curious.  Download authorization form (tells us what account to bill) if you’re ready to proceed.

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