Regulations, FAQ, and explanation of mail services

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1. Services that We Provide a. sort and deliver “campus mail”: internal business correspondence of U of T b. sort and deliver incoming Canada Post Mail
  • bearing codes M5S 1A1, 1A2, 1A4, 1A7 and 1A8
  • any items for U of T with incomplete addresses/codes if possible.
c. pass internal mail to the following delivery services associated with U of T
  • drivers for UTSC [note: Mon-Wed-Fri only] & UTM, Press/bookstore, UTIAS
  • IUTSOntario Universities/agencies
d. meter mail (click to download authorization form) 2. Services that We Do Not Provide: a. handling personal mail (see reminder about personal mail) b. accepting or forwarding courier items, other than Priority Courier: please remember that your signature makes you responsible. c. handling outgoing CP mail without prior arrangement (click to download authorization form) d. preparing mail and loading bags e. tracing unregistered items; IUTS waybill-items traced by IUTS co-ordinator. f. handling hazardous materials 3. Our Role Includes: a. sorting all correctly addressed campus mail for next day delivery: b. to re-direct mail as follows [ guidelines for re-direction ]:
  • incompletely addressed CP mail, waiving the next-day standard
  • mail with a corrected address
  • undeliverable mail shall be returned; non- returnable mail may be destroyed after being held for two weeks.
NOTE:–incompletely addressed campus mail shall be returned to sender. c. to supply extra mail bins with 24 hour notice. 4. Help us to serve you better: Each drop-off location for mail delivery should have a mail co-ordinator, who ensures that the following procedures are known and/or posted and followed by your department, to ensure good service.
    • Bundling mail by category (Campus, HPI, and especially CP mail) will protect letters from being damaged in bags, and improve our accuracy.
    • Safety(ours and yours): 40 lb./18 kg. is our weight limit, while IUTS boxes cannot exceed 10 kg (22 pounds). Drivers may refuse unsafe bags. Instead of overloading, contact the mailroom if you need extra mailbags; multiples of small bags are unsafe and may be refused. Please let us know if you have boxes to pick up, so that the driver can bring a dolly. Staples are not permitted unless taped over; mailing labels are a safe alternative.
    • Addressing: the department name is the most important part of the address; room and street numbers are less important. If using initials instead of a department name, make sure we recognize them. When re-using envelopes please cross out the old address. Flyers can also be sent un-addressed, one per destination: please give us 200.
    • Preparation: have mail ready(bagged) at the pickup point. Close bags using buckle, or tie correct knot (we’ll be happy to show you) for safety and security.
    • Notification: Tell us when your office closes for renovation or vacation. Is your Department MOVING? Let us know well in advance
    • Redirection: Please mark address changes clearly on items that should not come to your department. Note: as campus mail is for university business, it should always go to the current title holder first. Do not redirect flyers/advertisements. [ guidelines for re-direction ]
    • Registration: please return register bag to campus mail for reuse; if registered mail items are to be redirected, please re-address carefully and redirect inside register bag.
    • Continuity: please keep mail services procedures/ memos, for next mail co-ordinator; inform Manager Mail Services if dept co-ordinator changes.
    • Ecology: help us reuse bags and elastics: return them to us for others to reuse. Envelopes may be reused, but please make sure that the old address is crossed out. Letters may be sent without an envelope provided that they are folded as follows:
8 1/2″ x 11 in three legal size in four 4 or more pages in half
If you have any questions or concerns about mail call 978-2101.  

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