Recycling on the St. George Campus

At the University of Toronto we are committed to Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and getting everyone to Rethink their attitudes to waste.
In keeping with the fundamental principles and objectives of the University’s Environmental Protection Policy,  the University also makes every effort to reduce the impact our waste has as it reaches its final destination.  Whether material is designated as garbage or recycling, the University will approve which end sites are   used by our contractors or direct them to specific locations. Decisions are made taking into account factors such as capability, availability, and distance from the campus. Preferably, all waste is handled and disposed of within Ontario. When choosing a contractor, the University requires them to produce documentation showing that not only are they fit to perform the task for which they are hired, but also that the transfer stations / recycling plants / processors / end sites they use are properly licensed and approved for the task for which they are hired. Documents include, but are not limited to, Certificates of Approval from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, WSIB approval forms, up to date insurance forms, emergency response plans and proof of membership in related organizations which oversee whichever material is sent for disposal / recycling.
Waste Reduction and Recycling Infoline

Waste Management Supervisor and Recycling Co-ordinator 416-946-5711

For more information on programs at our other campuses call:

U of T at Mississauga905-828-5376
U of T at Scarborough416-287-7585


Please note that our programs are intended to deal with the waste produced on campus. Check the City of Toronto’s web site for details on how to deal with waste produced off campus.

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