Steamfitting Shop

Typical Duties:

  • TSSA Certified to work on high pressure steam, high temperature hot water, natural gas and all air systems.
  • Install and maintains steam converters, steam heating and process steam systems.
  • Repairs/ replaces steam radiators, steam traps and steam valves.
  • Installs and maintains high temperature hot water piping and systems.
  • Installs and maintains hot water heating radiators and associated components.
  • Maintains and repairs chilled water systems used for air conditioning.
  • Installs and maintains pressurized air for building and laboratory use.
  • Provide periodic inspections of all ALL NATURAL GAS systems in the University of Toronto St. George campus ( at no cost to the building occupants, does not include repairs ).
  • Installs and maintains natural gas systems for laboratories.
  • Provides estimates for installation and alterations for the previously mentioned systems.
  • We have TSSA certified welders on staff.

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