F&S Monthly Customer Statement Report

Facilities and Services Customer Statement Report


Use the following link to access complete documentation on the F&S Monthly Customer Statement report


The revised F&S Monthly Customer Statement can be executed by any one of the following criteria:

  • Multiple customers
  • Multiple Years and/or posting periods
  • Single or Multi Service Orders
  • Customer Fund Centre (Single or Multiple CFCs)
  • Customer Fund Centre hierarchy
  • Customer Fund number (Single or Multiple Funds)
  • Customer Cost Centre (Single or Multiples CCs)
  • Customer Cost Centre Group
  • Customer Internal Order Number (Single or Multiple Orders)


Other Key Features:

  • Ability to download report to Excel
  • Ability to drill down to the document level in SAP and view scanned copies of invoices (where applicable).


Menu Path to View F&S Monthly Customer Statement Report

Accounting→Funds Management→Information System→ Funds Management Section (U of T Reports) →Month-End Reports→F&S Customer Statement – 2015 onwards
Menu Path to View F&S Monthly Customer Statement Report