Billing Information

F & S  Customer Billing Inquiries



To speed up your enquiry, please provide the following information, where  applicable:

  • Customer Number
  • Billing Date
  • Service Order Number
  • Amount Billed


How to view your charges (internal U of T customers)

To view your monthly billings, use the following link to access the F&S Monthly Customer Statement Report:
F&S Monthly Customer Statement Report

How to obtain a Facilities &Services Customer Number:

Internal U of T Customers on SAP-FISExternal Customers
U of T Departments obtain an internal Customer Number.
The customer number serves as an account number for the purpose of billing charges to your departmental accounts, and enables you to view your charges via the F & S monthly statement of account on FIS.
An External Customer Number needs to be established before any services can be provided.
To request an Internal Customer Number:
Download the internal customer account form
To obtain an External Customer Number:
Download the external customer account form
Print & complete the form, and mail or email to the address below:
Facilities & Services-4th Floor
Customer Billing-Finance


F & S Billing Overview

Internal CustomersExternal Customers
  • The SAP service order system is used to bill internal university departments
  • The Monthly Total is charged directly to the Fund Centre or Fund; Cost Centre and G/L Account provided by the  Department on its Customer Account Form
Invoices are used for billing non-university organizations or U of T associated organizations not on FIS.
F & S invoices on a Time and Materials basis. However, if you have chosen the “Estimate” box on the Service Order Form, you will be billed the Estimate amount (see Formal Estimates below).

  • The F&S billing is processed close to the end of each month to meet the monthly closing deadline schedule for FIS.
  • It represents all costs accumulated for services and goods processed since the previous billing date, and includes such costs as:

    -Contractor/Supplier invoices
    -Stores purchases
    -Other adjustments, if any.

Formal Estimates

A Formal Estimate is a contractual agreement between the customer and the F & S Department to perform specific work requested by the customer for a fixed cost, based on an estimate.The full amount of the Formal Estimate is billed to the customer in  the month in which the service order is approved by the F & S Property Manager.


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