COVID-19 caretaking strategy

COVID-19 caretaking strategy

Last updated on September 25, 2020

The University of Toronto is committed first and foremost to the health and safety of our entire community. A crucial element in maintaining a safe and healthy environment is the cleaning and disinfection of shared spaces. We will support the gradual and safe return of activities to campus by ramping up caretaking services as well as providing readily available supplies in high-traffic areas for our community to use.

Principles that guided the development of this strategy

  • Adherence to relevant public health guidelines, including continuing to use cleaning products and disinfectants that are approved by Health Canada for use against COVID-19. 
  • Alignment with the University’s Environmental Health and Safety guidelines. 
  • Consistency of strategy across all U of T buildings and campuses. 

Supporting the health and safety of our community

Increased cleaning and additional disinfection by caretaking staff. 

  • Daily (Monday to Friday) routine cleaning of common-use areas: classrooms, libraries and public spaces such as lobbies and washrooms by Caretaking staff. This does not include office space. 
  • Increased cleaning and disinfection — once every day and once every evening (Monday to Friday) — of high-tough surfaces in common-use areas that have frequent contact with hands such as door handles, washroom fixtures, handrails and elevator buttons. In classrooms, this includes lecterns, desks, chalk rails and seat armrests. 
  • Weekend caretaking services can be requested through the usual pre-COVID process.

Providing sanitizing supplies in high-traffic areas.

  • Readily available sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizer for many high-traffic shared spaces to enable our community members to disinfect their hands and high-touch surfaces before or after use. 
  • Dispensers to be readily accessible and located in common-use areas, including lobbies and inside classrooms. 

Working together to keep our campus safe

Caretaking Services is providing a standard level of increased cleaning and additional disinfection to all departments. For all other services, the roles and responsibilities of Caretaking Services remain the same as they were pre-COVID, however, specific service levels vary by campus.  

Caretaking Services will continue using a mix of third-party contractors and additional in-house staff to perform the increased cleaning and disinfection. Recognizing the diverse uses of spaces on campus, departments are encouraged to use and promote the use of sanitizing wipes to disinfect high-touch surfaces between individual uses.