Cleaning Chemical and Dilution Control

Cleaning products must have adequate dilution control systems. At the U of T a concentrated Green Seal Certified product (one product) is diluted through a spray bottle which provides five dilution settings. This is economical and safe because the chemicals are always mixed to the proper dilution for the job at hand. The use of a single, concentrated product reduces packaging waste as well as energy used during transportation. This may be a better option over wall mounted dilution control systems especially when building plumbing systems are susceptible to cross-connection. This concentrated product reduces packaging waste and has recycled-content packaging.

If a Green Seal™ certified or recommended product is not available, then a product that is “Environmentally Preferable”, or does not contain carcinogens and other hazardous chemical compounds is selected

If a “green” product does not exist in a given product category, then product use is minimized or eliminated.  Future product options are continuously evaluated.

The total number of cleaning products used is minimized to facilitate training and simplify the cleaning program.

Also, in some cases, a vinegar and water mixture will be used to clean finished wood floors as specified.

Cold water is used when mixing chemicals.  Adequate dwell time (in accordance with product specifications) for chemicals is required to maximize product efficacy and minimize product use.  When appropriate, cleaning is first attempted without the use of chemicals (i.e. with microfiber wipers).  If chemicals are required, they are used in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  Spray chemicals are applied directly to wipers and dusters instead of spraying directly onto the surface itself.  This conserves product and avoids overspray.

Disinfectants are eliminated or minimized and used only as absolutely needed at primary contact points (i.e. bathroom sinks and toilets).  Hypochlorites (bleach) and phenolic disinfectants are not used.

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