HVAC, mechanical and utilities

HVAC, mechanical and utilities

Our Utilities and Building Operations teams manage the heating, cooling and ventilation (HVAC), and electrical systems of campus buildings.

We are specialized building operators and engineers in various fields, including electrical, mechanical, and building automation. We keep the University’s buildings running smoothly behind the scenes.


Regular services

  • Adding electrical equipment or receptacles 
  • Adjusting controls 
  • Availability of electricity 
  • Changing filters and belts 
  • Heating, cooling, and airflow in buildings
  • Inspecting, recording, and troubleshooting equipment
  • Lighting and lighting control
  • Maintaining faculty-specific mechanical equipment

Special services

  • Performing diagnostic service for electrical interference problems
  • Planning, implementing and notifying occupants of building service shutdowns
  • Providing consultation for faculty-installed building equipment, the design and management of new buildings, and major renovations and upgraded electrical services
  • Repairing and maintaining HVAC equipment
  • Responding to trouble calls (too hot/too cold)

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Submit a service request

If you're experiencing a mechanical or HVAC issue, submit a service request.


Find your building operator

Your building operator specializes in mechanical systems and will respond to your mechanical/HVAC service requests.


Regular services are provided at no extra cost to you. Special services will be billed at the rates below.

GroupTrade CodeRegular RateOvertime Rate*
Operating engineers: buildings29, 31, 34, 37, 43$84.50$88.50

*For overtime or after-hours work you will be charged for a minimum of four hours.