Capital projects

Capital projects

Our role

Facilities & Services is a partner on capital projects on the St. George campus. We work closely with our departments and divisions as well as University, Planning, Design and Construction on large revitalization and renewal projects.  

We support the success of your capital projects

We are proud of the work that we do to continuously transform our facilities, incorporating leading sustainability and architectural ideas, to enable world-class research and learning to take place while preserving the historical character of our downtown campus.

  • We lead the project management of many projects through the Capital Project and Space Allocation Committee (CaPS) committee.
  • We provide and review building standards during the planning and design phases.
  • We incorporate sustainable design and low-carbon targets into projects.
  • We guide contractors through practices and procedures on campus and enable necessary activities to take placeincluding providing access to sites, power requests, and asbestos abatement.
  • We are a financial contributor to projects with a deferred maintenance impact.
  • We actively participate in the commissioning and handover processes to ensure a smooth transition of projects into operations.
  • We prepare to provide our services in new and renewed buildings. 

Deferred maintenance

Capital projects not only result in modern and transformational spaces on our campus, but they also contribute significantly to reducing our backlog of deferred maintenance. We manage the deferred maintenance backlog for the University’s St. George facilities and support our departments and divisions in completing dozens of major deferred maintenance projects a year to continually renew the state of our infrastructure and facilities.