Experiential learning and jobs

Sustainability Office

Your hub for sustainability on the St. George campus.

Experiential learning & professional experience

Actively engaging in sustainability offers us all with a unique opportunity to positively impact how we shape our world, giving us a higher purpose in all that we do every day – as we transform today into a better tomorrow for those that will follow us.  

We offer many diverse opportunities to gain valuable experience and get involved in exciting sustainability initiatives at the University. 

Professional experience program

The Sustainability Office regularly participates in the Operations & Real Estate Partnerships Professional Experience Program. This program provides undergraduate and graduate students an internship opportunity to gain meaningful experience in their field of study. Recruitment typically takes place in March and August each year. Please check back in case future roles become available.

Work study

Work Study students are a key component of the Sustainability Office. Under the guidance of our knowledgeable staff, we provide flexible employment (25 hrs/month) through meaningful assignments, targeting 12+ students each term. Recruitment typically takes place in April (Summer term) and August (Fall-Winter). Examples of the type of positions we recruit for are: 

  • Marketing & Communications Assistant
  • Digital Media Assistant (Videography, Photography & Design)
  • Program Research & Development Assistant
  • Engagement & Outreach Assistants

Students in action

Our talented students on the work study team engage in sustainability through community outreach and social media, create visual graphics and videos for communications and education, and evaluate our engagement programs through research and analysis.

Campus as living lab

The Sustainability Office is a key partner in  the University’s campus as a living lab program, which aims to bring together faculty members, students, staff, and, where appropriate, external partners to collaborate on developing sustainability projects that combine operational and academic activities. Such projects contribute to the operational sustainability goals of the University while providing an opportunity for research and experiential learning, where students are directly involved in addressing real world sustainability problems at the University.