Property management

Property management

Most buildings on the St. George campus have a designated property manager. We are your first point of contact for all building maintenance and operations.

We manage general maintenance and minor renovations projects for our clients and oversee the University’s deferred maintenance and facilities renewal programs to ensure buildings are kept in a state of good repair.

We work with our broader Facilities & Services team and will involve them in projects and initiatives when we need specialized knowledge or expertise.


Daily operations

  • Client support and guidance for all queries
  • Manage service orders and review invoices 
  • Regular property inspections and scheduled work (e.g., window cleaning and pest control)

Critical events and emergencies

  • Manage critical events (e.g., floods) 
  • Restore services

Project management

  • Help with scope development
  • Review scope, budget and schedule
  • Procure consultants, contractors, and other service providers
  • Mobilize and deliver projects 
  • Closeout projects

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Project management rates depend on several factors. Please contact your property manager for more information.