Deferred maintenance

Deferred maintenance

Our role

Facilities & Services manages the deferred maintenance backlog for the University’s St. George facilities  Canada’s largest post-secondary campus. 

With more than 115,000 students, faculty, and staff using more than 200 buildings spanning an area of 286 hectares, keeping up with maintenance on all the campus facilities is challenging task. These time-honoured facilities have significant deferred maintenance needs. 

The University’s deferred maintenance program systematically addresses many of these needs, including improved electrical and plumbing systems, ventilation, building envelopes, and interior finishes  all while preserving the historical character of the campus. 

Energy conservation projects are also being undertaken to reduce energy costs and create a more sustainable campus.

Deferred maintenance report

We continuously manage and address a backlog of repairs and renewals all while enabling world-class teaching and research on our campuses.

Deferred maintenance highlights

Roof replacement
Since 2004, we have replaced over 1.3M square feet (about half the area of The Vatican) of roofing on the St. George campus. In 2019, we improved roof inspections and introduced infrared scanning to detect potential deterioration.
A city within a city
The St. George campus is more than a group of buildings. The University’s district energy system is 120 years old and one of the oldest in the country. Over the next 30 years, the University will require $275M to update its aging linear assets, including the electrical grid.
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
HVAC represents 27% of the total deferred maintenance cost for the St. George campus. In 2020, $2.8M was allocated to address deferred maintenance for HVAC systems.

Capital projects

Capital projects contribute significantly to reducing our backlog of deferred maintenance. The condition of our facilities is continually being improved as deferred maintenance is addressed not only by operating and fabric projects, but also through the completion of capital projects.