Our Campus Mail Services team provides efficient distribution of mail and correspondence within the University community.



  • Campus mail 
  • Inter-University Transit System
  • Mail delivery and pick-up
  • Metered mail

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Track your mail

Sent a registered item to the University and it hasn’t been received? Track your item on the Canada Post website.


Email Campus Mail Services

For questions, email or call 416-978-7405.

Central mailroom

The mailroom is in the North Borden Building at 563 Spadina Avenue, just north of the College Street and Spadina Avenue intersection. We’re open Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 2:30 PM.

Campus mail

Campus mail refers to any mail sent between entities on campus. 

When sending campus mail:

  • Include the name of the intended recipient and their faculty/department (avoid using acronyms or initialisms), and the building name and room number.
  • Ensure that envelopes are securely sealed and bring them to the mailroom in your building for pick-up. Don’t use staples to seal envelopes.  
  • Use a sticky note to label the item you’re sending as campus mail. 

Metered mail

We offer a mail metering service, which means that we use a meter to print postage on pieces of mail as proof of payment. 

Our meter’s built-in scale is designed to accurately weigh everything from envelopes to packages, removing guesswork, and ensuring that you pay exactly the right postage every time. Meters also offer discounts unavailable in a post office retail location or when using stamps. This service is for envelopes or packages that weigh less than 500g. 

When sending mail to be metered: 

  • If this is your department or faculty’s first time sending metered mail, complete a new metered mail customer form. 
  • Ensure that the items have a proper return address. 
  • Bundle envelopes into Canadian, U.S., and international destinations using elastic bands and sticky notes. 
  • Place a manifest with each bundle that lists the department/faculty name and account number. 
  • Label the bundles “to be metered” using sticky notes. 
  • If you’re sending envelopes that are less than 1cm thick, nest them (flaps overlapping) to facilitate processing. 
  • Seal all envelopes that are more than 1cm thick. Do not use staples to seal envelopes. 
  • Bring the bundles to the mailroom in your building. 
  • If you’re sending more than 100 pieces of mail to be metered, let Campus Mail Services know in advance. 


We send items that weigh more than 500g through UPS to Canadian, U.S., and international destinations. 

When sending packages: 

  • Declare the contents of the package and its commercial value for customs purposed for any packages going to U.S. or international destinations. 
  • If you’re sending more than one package, let Campus Mail Services know in advance so that they can bring a trolley if needed. 

Mail sent to the University

  • If you’ve sent a registered item to the University and it hasn’t been received, contact us with the item’s tracking number. We can track the item and let you know the status.  
  • You can also track your item on the Canada Post website. 

What we don't do

  • We don’t handle personal mail. We service the University community sending professional correspondencePlease send personal mail through Canada Post. 
  • We don’t accept or forward courier shipments, other than UPS and DHL to authorized departments. 
  • We don’t handle large shipments of outgoing Canada Post mail without prior arrangement. 
  • We don’t sell stamps. To buy stamps, visit the Canada Post outlet at the U of T Bookstore.