Design standards and project forms

Design standards and project forms

Building design standards

We work with our partners to establish and evolve design standards to facilitate the planning, design and implementation of new construction and renovation projects.  

These standards cover proven and consistent design applications important and relevant to the University community. They apply to the design of all University projects beyond legislated requirements and regulations.

The standards will continue to evolve to incorporate innovation, new concepts, feedback, and practical applications.

Part one of the design standards covers safety, accessibility, and general design requirements and considerations. Part two covers products and methodologies used in construction.

Commissioning standards

Commissioning is a critical phase of a project with long-term benefits of future building performance. It’s also an important step in ensuring that the University’s requirements for any project are met.

The building commissioning standards provide a process and responsibility matrix for all parties involved in a project to work together consistently and successfully.

Project procedures and forms