Fee for Caretaking Service

1. Special Events and Functions

If your faculty/department wants additional caretaking services during and/or after a function or event, or should you wish to supplement your caretaking services in any way, we are always available to help.
For functions or events input a Service Order on the SAP system through your Property Manager to department 20. On the Service Order, state specific requirements such as time, date, location and required services. We will provide the services at the rates quoted below.

2. Ongoing Enriched Services

The Caretaking Services Department is funded to provide a specific level of cleaning services to all faculties and departments at the University of Toronto. If you would like more information about our cleaning standards, please view our cleaning specifications.

However, the Caretaking Services Department can provide any level of service that your faculty or department requires. To inquire about supplementary caretaking services please call Wayne Shaw (Manager, Caretaking Services) directly at 416-978-8970 to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements, and to receive a quotation for services.

Our Rates

Facilities & Services Charge Out Rates

The Caretaking Services Department recovers costs of all additional Fee for Services through an hourly charge to the requesting faculty/department. The following hourly rates have been established for caretaking services for current fiscal year:

Custodial Services during normal operating hours$38.50/hour
Custodial Services after hours & on Saturdays$51.00/hour
Custodial Services on Sundays & Stat Holidays$64.00/hour

These hourly rates represent wages, benefits and overhead costs incurred by Caretaking Services and are adjusted as required to reflect changes in the internal costs for the delivery of services.

Overtime rates apply to any services provided outside a normal Caretaking Department defined shift or on an emergency basis after regular shift hours.  Efforts are made to notify the client in advance of emergency overtime requirements.

Should the function being covered by Caretaking Services necessitate the supply of an extraordinary amount of washroom consumables, they will be charged back to the Service Order.

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