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To initiate work on behalf of your department, please contact your Property Manager.

Our Competitive Advantage

Superior response to emergencies
Competitive costs
Familiarity with the campus, customers and their special needs
Preparedness for workplace specific hazards, such as asbestos, biohazards, confined spaces, radiation, etc.
Enhanced security and access control
Parts at cost

Chargeout rates

Facilities & Services Charge Out Rates
The charge out rates represent the cost per hour of labour which is passed on by F & S to the customer receiving services. The rates are applied consistently to all Facilities & Services customers, including the Facilities & Services Property Managers and Project Managers, for work that they contract with the various trades.

The charge out rates essentially represent the cost of wages, benefits and the various shop overheads associated with the individual trades. For example, the Trade Shop overhead includes vehicle services & operation, maintenance, equipment, supplies, training costs, etc.

The monthly customer billings indicate both the charge out rate and the hours of work incurred by individual trades for each job. the hours indicated represent the total duration of the job, including work on site, time at the shop, as well as travel time.

The "overtime rate" includes the required premium included in the various trades rates for overtime work per the Trades' collective agreements. Work that takes place outside the "normal" hours of service (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for most trades) for the individual trades is charged at the overtime rate

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