The swap shop

The swap shop


The swap shop is a service to keep surplus furniture, office equipment, and supplies in use and help reduce campus waste and support sustainability efforts 

  • Check the swap shop if you need office items for your department. You can often find items such as filing cabinets, chairs, desks, and tables. 
  • Find a new home for the office items you can no longer use.


  • This service is currently available to University departments by appointment only. 
  • Call 416-946-5711 to set up an appointment. 
  • U of T identification is required. 


The swap shop is in the South Borden Building at 487 Spadina Crescent. Enter from Russell Street. Items are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How it works

Making a claim

  • Each item that enters the swap shop is tagged with the date. For the first two weeks that an item is in the shop, University departments have priority. Once claimed, a department has two weeks to arrange for the removal of the item. If the item remains in the shop past the expiry date, it becomes available for a personal claim. 
  • If you wish to claim an item for personal use, and it has been in the Swap Shop unclaimed by a University department for more than two weeks, you may take it immediately or you may hold it for one week by filling in the bottom section of the tag. After the one-week period, the personal claim becomes void. The item is then reserved by the next person in line. 
  • If the item has not been in the shop for more than two weeks, you may reserve it for personal use by filling in the bottom section of the item’s tag. If the item has not been claimed by a University department by the end of the two weeks, you may take it home. 

Picking up an item 

  • Shop staff must remove the swap tag and verify claims prior to removing an item from the shop. 
  • A two-item limit will be imposed on the number of items that any individual may claim for personal use each week. There is no item limit for departmental use. 
  • Items being claimed for departmental use within the first two weeks of the item’s arrival must be verified by either a letter (on department letterhead) or email from a person with departmental signing authority. 
  • Campus Moving can assist with departmental moves. For personal claims, the claimer is responsible for their own transport. Please use caution! The shop is not responsible for any injuries incurred while moving.