Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Plan

Under Ontario Regulation 102/94, the University is required to perform regular waste audits.

Below you can read the results from our past audits.

The plan

We continually update, modify,  expand and  improve on our existing programs as well as search for ways to divert additional / new materials  from landfill. Our plan also includes continued waste reduction as this is the most essential component of the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, RETHINK).

We also strive to educate our community and keep people up to date about our programs through our web site, brochures, infoline, Swap Shop and network of campus wide Recycling Co-ordinators.

Click on any of the audits above for a detailed breakdown of our waste reduction and diversion plan.

For further details contact:
Reno Strano
Waste Management Supervisor

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