Triple Bottom Line Work Environment at 255 McCaul Street (Exam Centre) awarded First Place at CAUBO’s 2017 Quality & Productivity Awards

Triple Bottom Line Work Environment Quality & Productivity Award recipients were announced during the most recent CAUBO annual conference (held in Ottawa on June 11-13). For a second year in a row, U of T was honoured with an award – this time receiving First Place in the Open Category for its Triple Bottom Line Work Environment at 255 McCaul Street (Exam Centre Building). For more details regarding the Q&P Award and this year’s recipients, follow the link here. The summer 2017 edition of the University Manager magazine also has detailed descriptions of each winning project.

The University of Toronto used a triple bottom line approach to sustainability in construction of the Administrative Offices at the Examination Centre, incorporating environmental, social and economic factors. By repurposing an old warehouse, the LEED Gold project used less embedded energy than a new construction, and recycled almost all construction waste. The new, smaller building also boasts lower water and energy consumption.

Focused on maximizing space efficiencies, best practice interior design combined higher staff density with greater amenity space at a reduced occupancy cost (more than $1 million in savings since September 2008). Featuring operable windows, unobstructed views to the outdoors, ample natural light, and low VOC furnishings, the work environment has improved productivity and staff morale.

An open layout, ergonomic office furniture, communal lunchroom, reconfigurable meeting spaces, and trophy wall showcasing departmental achievements further enhance communication and collaboration. Staff in open workstations have extra storage space and access to several “phone booths” for private conversations or phone calls. The new design premise launched the “virtual workers” and the ”work from home” program, allowing and encouraging certain job functions to work outside the office either from home or where their customers are located.

This project is readily transferable to any office space in any organization.

For further information on this project, please contact:

Ron Swail
Chief Operations Officer, Property Services & Sustainability
University of Toronto
Email: ron.swail[at]

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