What to do when

Food Waste

We ask that all food waste be disposed into the appropriate designated containers. Food should not be placed in office waste or recycle containers as these containers are emptied once a week or when full. This could contribute to pest infestation.

Spills on Carpet Surfaces

Please contact Caretaking Services 416-978-6252 as soon as a spill occurs or is noticed. Coffee (especially containing cream), juice, and other fluid spills can be difficult, even impossible to remove after 24 hours. Call as soon as you see the spill!

Hazardous Spills or Waste

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES MUST BE FOLLOWED immediately upon discovery of a hazardous spill. Please contact 416-978-3000.

Removal of Excess Waste

We ask that Caretaking Services be advised 416-978-6252 as much in advance as possible to conditions requiring the removal of excess waste from an area. Notice allows the division to properly schedule the manpower necessary to complete the task.

Changing Light Bulbs and Lamps

Critical areas will be serviced on an immediate basis – normal operation areas will be serviced within 24 hours of the call in at 416-978-6252.

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