Campus Mail Services FAQ

I see online that Canada Post delivered my parcel…when will I get it?
Many addresses that used to be delivered directly by Canada Post now come to our mailroom. Mail Services will deliver them on the next service day. Please note: we sign for an aggregate of mail. Your item may not have been received. To find out when it’s coming email the manager at leslie.barcza[at], including the tracking number. Calls to the mailroom will be referred to manager.
Can I come to the mailroom to pick up my parcel?
Please don’t come to the mailroom. The mailroom staff are very busy, and are not set up for customer enquiry, a safety boots – only environment. Send your queries by email to the manager at leslie.barcza[at],
How fast does the mail move?
Mail Services sorts all the internal (campus, IUTS and Carecor) mail we pick up every day. We prepare the mail at the end of that workday, for delivery the next day.
Who can use Campus Mail?
Mail Services sorts and delivers the University’s business mail as well as the incoming Canada Post mail that is not delivered directly to campus addresses. Students, staff, and faculty are eligible to use the system provided that they are participating in some part of the University’s business: Research, Teaching, Scholarship, as well as the activities of the University community. Private business ventures should not expect their advertising to be distributed however, unless it arrives through Canada Post.
What happens to mail that is incompletely addressed?
The sorters in the department make every effort to resolve addresses, but often cannot figure out what to do with confusing addresses, or items being returned that have no return address. In these cases, the Manager tries to determine what to do, and may have to open items to determine the sender.
Do Mail Services drivers follow a schedule or timetable?
Mail Services does not promise scheduled delivery times for departments, reserving the right to change delivery as necessary.

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