Plumbing Shop

Typical Duties:

  •  Installs, maintains and performs repairs on potable water lines, wastewater lines and a variety of plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, lavatories, toilet units, bathtubs , shower units, automatic flush valves, faucets, traps and natural gas piping.
  •  Maintains and performs plumbing repairs on laundry equipment, sterilization equipment, kitchen equipment, dairy equipment, cannery equipment and any other equipment utilizing potable water and waste disposal lines.
  •  Maintains and performs minor repairs on irrigation systems, water treatment plants and sewage plants.
  •  Interprets blueprints and written instructions concerning construction, alteration, maintenance and repair projects; prepares and submits time and material estimates for projects.
  •  Supervises the work of plumbing apprentices, maintenance repair technicians, laborers, patients and students assigned to the plumbing crew.
  •  Consults with engineers and suppliers on various system needs.

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