Building Operations

Building Operations is responsible for the management of the base building heating, cooling/ventilation,
and electrical systems to buildings on the St. George campus.

Standard Services
  • Responding to trouble calls (too hot/too cold), adjust controls, change filters and belts, test quality
    of the water treatment for heating and cooling systems and other preventive maintenance of HVAC equipment
  • Inspecting, recording and troubleshooting operations of the equipment under their care
  • Providing consultation on the design and management of new buildings, major renovations and
    upgraded electrical services
  • Providing consultation for Faculty installed building equipment
  • Performing diagnostic service for electrical interference problems
  • Planning, implementing and notifying occupants of building service shutdowns
  • Providing hazardous material abatement inspection, consulting and project management services
Additional Services
  • Maintenance of Faculty specific mechanical equipment

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