Moving Services FAQs

Do you move, remove and dispose of refrigerators and other equipment?

Yes, Campus Moving will move, remove and safely dispose of equipment and refrigerators but certain precautions must be taken.

Any equipment used in laboratories must be free of chemical, biological, radioactive or other hazardous substances before it can be moved. A safety tag (download here ) must be filled out, signed by the principle investigator and attached to equipment.

Items containing asbestos will require special attention by the Environmental Health and Safety Department.

All equipment (including refrigerators) must be emptied before they are moved; equipment may have to be tipped in preparation for a move, which could cause contents to spill or break.

Equipment containing coolants (e.g. freon) or other gases may require an additional charge for the safe removal of the chemical.

Please inform Campus Moving of any special requirements that may be involved in moving scientific equipment i.e. no tipping or shaking. It is best to contact equipment manufactures for information on safe moving procedures.

What is your rate?

The Charge-Out Rates for Campus Moving are listed here.
Overtime charges may apply.

Can I arrange to have a firm price for a job?
Yes, Campus Moving will provide a firm price for the job and the quoted price is the price you will pay.

Will Campus Moving work after 4:30p.m. or on weekends?
Yes, Campus Moving will work after 4:30 p.m. or on weekends. Obviously this will increase the cost of the job due to overtime wages. We always try to minimize charges when working during regular hours of 8:00 am. to 4:30 pm. Monday to Friday

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