Handy Hints for the Office or Laboratory Move

This manual is intended to offer guidance on small to medium moves which are associated with the relocation of departments, to help make your move proceed as smoothly as possible.

  1. Planning
  2. Getting Ready
  3. The Move
  4. After

1. Planning (not the last minute yet)

It is helpful to appoint a move coordinator. This individual acts as a central contact for the department or individual being moved and can act as a liaison between the department, Property Management and Campus Moving.

Phone and FAX lines should be arranged for at least 3 weeks in advance of the move. Contact U of T Telecommunications at 978-4000.

Mail Service should be arranged for at least 2 weeks in advance of the move. Contact the Manager Mail Services at 978-2101.

Creating new stationery? Here’s how you can find the postal code .

Announce your new address, phone/fax numbers: contact customers, students, staff, faculty and correspondents as soon as possible. A notice can be sent to each dept through campus mail by sending 200 notices to the campus mailroom a few days before the move.

Installation or connection of computer and data lines should be coordinated through your Property Manager.

A move to a new location usually means new signage. Be it name plates or way finding, signage is an integral part of a successful move. Please contact your Property Manager to arrange for new signage.

Keys for the new location should be arranged by the Property or Project Manager. Please remember to return old keys to the move coordinator.

Extra time should be allowed for equipment requiring special attention. For example, allow extra time for equipment to be disconnected. You may even want to contact the supplier to determine if service is required prior to or after the move. In many cases the supplier may have to prepare a piece of equipment for a move. You may also want to ensure that the final destination can accommodate your equipment electrically or space wise. If you require further detailed information, please contact your Property Manager.

Please contact the Chemical Safety Office @978-7000 for specific advice on moving chemicals, gas cylinders, or radio isotopes.

Campus Moving offers moving boxes to make your move easier. We also offer a packing service where our staff will pack the contents of the move for you.

2. Getting Ready(time’s running out)

Practice: The move coordinator and a representative from Campus Moving should walk through the move a least 1 or 2 weeks in advance to organize the move in greater detail. You would be surprised what problems can be avoided just by a simple walk through. Why get caught at the last minute?

List and diagram: It is helpful to have a list of the room(s) to empty. If possible, a floor plan with the room numbers showing where the furniture is to be delivered should be available to Campus Moving .

Label: Labels should be placed on the doors of the new location which correspond to the floor plan. The floor plan should also include the layout of the furniture and equipment.

Special requirements: Please make us aware of any special requirements…for instance, if equipment must be brought into a room in specific order. The move coordinator should also be aware of the requirements for the equipment once it arrives.

Hold Mail Delivery: if your office will not be open for business right away, mail can be held while you unpack. Contact Mail Services at 978-2101.

Clean out: Get rid of all unwanted files, furniture, equipment,  supplies etc. prior to moving. Otherwise you will be taking them to your nice new location. Contact the Recycling Department at  946-5711 to obtain large toters for paper clean out.  Campus Moving  can remove any  other unwanted material. Items in good condition can be taken to the Swap Shop . Broken items will be recycled whenever possible. Getting this out of the way as soon as possible will help the main move go quicker.

Label everything to be moved. Campus Moving will provide all the labels you will need.

Pack everything well for the move:

  • Campus Moving can supply you with all the boxes you require
  • Don’t let anything stick out of a box!
  • If it fits in a box then BOX it!
  • Fill all boxes full, if the boxes are half empty they will crush when stacked.
  • Fold flaps of box and always tape closed.

Before your phone is moved, call forward it to a number where you will receive messages.
Please pack computers well:

  • Park your hard drive and insert “traveling disks” into drives.
  • Detach all cords and pack in boxes.
  • If cords don’t detach, then coil them and tape them to equipment.
  • Remove all trays from printers and FAX machines.

Label all furniture. Keep all keys to filing cabinets and desks. Two drawer, vertical filing cabinets can be moved full. Taller vertical and lateral filing cabinets must be emptied. Moving full cabinets can cause damage to the cabinet itself as well as floors, walls etc. Empty all other cabinets and bookshelves. For couches, pin labels to all loose cushions
Take home all personal possessions as they are not insured against loss or damage.
Elevators: Have elevators on service ready for the movers. If you don’t know how to do this, the move coordinator should talk to a representative from Campus Moving before the move begins.

3. The Move (the day of…)


  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Try if at all possible to devote your time only to moving: it’s safer
  • Come to work in comfortable clothes
  • Plan your meals carefully, especially if your regular kitchen facilities will not be available.

During the move, please deal directly with the Campus Moving representative who is supervising the move. Please do not give detailed direction to the movers as it may lead to confusion and slow down your move.

4. After

Please try to reuse any cardboard boxes or return them to Campus Moving for reuse. Please return all plastic boxes as they are quite expensive. If you have any feedback, please contact us:

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