Property Management

Each building on the St. George campus has a designated building Property Manager.  (S)he is your primary contact with other F & S divisions for building maintenance and operations.

Building users should call their Property Manager for the following services:

Interior: plumbing | electrical | flooring | painting | doors| windows | hardware | blinds & curtains |graffiti removal | pest control | window air conditioners | furnishings | asbestos control | locks & keys

Exterior: roofs | doors | chimneys | gutters | down spouts | windows | entrances | brickwork | pigeon removal | graffiti removal | fire escapes | other exterior finishes |

Alterations and Renovation Projects:

  • design, tender and management of renovation projects
  • consultation and evaluation of any work affecting structural, mechanical or electrical systems
  • estimating services
  • departmental relocations, internal moves and space alterations
  • electrical and mechanical upgrades to suit new equipment/furnishings
  • questions about new building products and/or materials

In addition to the above, your Property Manager can assist you with:

  • Securing the Services of other F&S divisions
  • General concerns
  • Vandalism, security and safety
  • Air quality
  • Accessibility
  • Direction to other University services
  • Resetting the master clocks located in the following buildings:

Simcoe Hall
Robarts Library
246 Bloor St.
Massey College
Sir Daniel Wilson
Soldiers Tower
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Wycliffe College

Are you receiving or ordering new equipment that must be connected to the building services:

Electrical? | Heating? | Air Conditioning? Is it extremely heavy or large?

Please call your Property Manager well in advance to ensure that your building and room location can accommodate such equipment.

Property Management Group 416-978-2427

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