Green Courses

The Green Courses program recognizes courses where steps have been taken to reduce the use of paper (e.g. by double-siding course documents).

The program aims to reduce paper usage through environmentally friendly practices such as double-sided printing, single spacing, and online assignment submissions. We have created a self-assessment tool that instructors can use, and based on answers to a variety of questions, the course may be eligible to receive certification as a Green Course. The self-assessment will also be used to get feedback, and gather information about resources saved.

How do I get my course recognized?

(1) Be an instructor, TA, or course administrator

(2) Complete a self-assessment form for each of your courses

(3) Remember to re-certify your course every year. You can use the re-certification form for doing so if you have no major changes to the course.

Once your course if certified, we will send a Green Course logo to display on you course website and syllabus, as well as a PowerPoint slidedeck to share with the students in your class. If you have any questions, please email sustainability[at]utoronto[dot]ca.

Take a look at the certified Green Courses!

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Please note we only certify courses from the St. George Campus. From UTM or UTSC? Visit the other campuses Green Course certifications, UTM & UTSC.

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