Green Office Certification Levels

The Green Offices Certification Program has four levels of certification – Sprout, Sapling, Tree, and Forest – that reflect achievements in sustainability. A description of each level is outlined below.


This first level of certification rewards any initial efforts in sustainability principles. The actions that will typically get you a Sprout certification require the participation of one to a few members of the office. For example, an individual that has taken the initiative to adjust the default settings in all the printers to print double-sided would receive sprout certification in the office.


This second level of certification recognizes the participation of more than a few office staff, and deals with largely non-infrastructural changes. For example, the Green Ambassadors leading a group of participants in larger actions, such as organizing the reuse of office supplies would receive sapling certification in the office.


This third level of certification requires the participation of the majority of office members and rewards attempts and successes at making largely infrastructural changes (such as transitioning to using efficient lighting).


This fourth level of certification involves a high degree of participation from the entire office to implement sustainable actions as well as maintain consistent improvement, and embed a culture of sustainability within the office. Forest level offices regularly review and track their progress, advancing new goals every year.

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