Past Winners of the Green Ribbon Awards


St. George Winners:

Student-Undergraduate: Peter Vuong
Peter is the Student Competition Director for the Sustainable Engineers Association (SEA), through which he led a sustainability-themed hackathon, and supports the SEA Mentorship program. He was also a work study student with the Sustainability Office ad represented the campus at the World Wildlife Fund’s inaugural “Designing Change for a Living Planet on Campus” competition in 2018.

Student-Undergraduate: Samantha Lucchetta
Samantha served for two years as a Co-Coordinator for Dig In! Campus Agriculture, an initiative of the student group Regenesis U of T. In this role, she has been instrumental in establishing new community gardens on-campus at New College and the U of T Youth Food Centre.

Student-Undergraduate: Zhenglin Liu
Zhenglin is a Co-Director of External Advocacy for U of T Environmental Action (UTEA). He has previously served as the UTSU’s Sustainability Commissioner and as Co-Chair of the Innis Environmental Committee, and off campus engages with legislators on issues like Canada’s fossil fuel subsidies.

Student-Graduate: Lika Miao
Lika has worked with Facilities and Services and Environmental Health and Safety on testing and assessing the performance of fume hoods improving efficiency of the testing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Student Group: U of T Beekeeping Education Enthusiast Society (B.E.E.S)
The group works to promote the importance of urban beekeeping on campus through maintaining hives, running workshops, and increasing awareness on the importance of bees.

Faculty: Blake Poland
Blake has been inspirational with making his family home sustainable and also creating one of the first departmental sustainability committees at the Dala Lana School of Public Health.

Staff – Inspirational: Kevin Leong
Kevin has been instrumental in preparing a wide range of relevant sustainability information and data that is used to assess energy and greenhouse gas performance on campus.

Staff – Eco-footprint: Gwen Burrows
Gwen inspires those around her with her commitment to sustainable transportation by biking to work almost everyday.

Innovation: Just Vertical – Conner Tidd and Kevin Jakiela
Conner and Kevin are co-founders of Just Vertical, a startup company at U of T’s Impact Centre with a goal of helping people eat and live healthier while reducing the water and energy involved in food growth and transport.

External: Mike Williams (RWDI)
Mike, a principal at the firm RWDI, has been instrumental in helping Facilities & Services develop a novel energy use visualization tool that allows stakeholders to better understand the university’s performance regarding energy, greenhouse gases, and other utilities.

Honourary: Ted Kent
Ted is a former Senior Property Manager at Facilities & Service where he was a champion pushing for new innovative solutions to reduce energy and deliver great service at the St. George campus.


St. George Winners:

Student: Alyy Patel
Alyy Patel was the 2017 Orientation Coordinator for the University of Toronto Students’ Union, where she implemented sustainable practices by working with the Sustainability Office.

Student: Anne Boucher
As the current VP External of the University of Toronto Students’ Union, Anne has incorporated sustainability into campus initiatives, advocating for a transit U-Pass, which will keep our students off the roads, and is working on a pedestrianization campaign on campus for the spring.

Student: Sabrina Lau
Because of her volunteering contributions at the Jane Goodall Institute, and her passion for creating social change to improve the environment, she was selected as a delegate at the annual Roots & Shoots conference.

Student Group: Environmental Students’ Union (ENSU)
The group works to promote the importance of sustainability and environmental action across campus, while also creating a community for individuals affiliated with the School of the Environment.

Faculty: John Robinson
John is the Presidential Advisor for the Committee on Environment, Climate Change, and Sustainability, where he leads three subcommittees that are driving change with respect to curriculum innovation, living labs, and pushing forward an agent of change agenda throughout the University.

Staff – Inspirational: Andrea Budgey
Andrea Budgey, Humphreys Chaplain at Trinity College, has been an avid advocate for the environment both within and outside the university community.

Staff – Eco-footprint: Ron Vander Kraats
Ron Vander Kraats has shown passionate leadership and outstanding efforts working towards a more sustainable New College campus.

External: Béatrice Lego
Béatrice Lego is a volunteer and promoter of sustainable food practices on campus and within the community. She is the Coordinator of the Huron-Sussex Community Garden (HSCG), which she founded in 2016 as part of the Huron-Sussex Residents Organization.

Honourary: Ron Swail
Ron Swail is the chief operations officer at Facilities & Service where he has been a significant champion for all things renewable for over 15 years at the University of Toronto.


St. George Winners:
Student: Naomi Alon
Naomi Alon has been the President of the University of Toronto Beekeeping Education Enthusiast Society (B.E.E.S) from 2015-2017 to raise awareness of the role of honeybees as a keystone species and pollinator in our ecosystems.

Student Group: Green Chemistry Initiative (GCI)
The Green Chemistry Initiative (GCI) is a student-run organization that promotes sustainable chemistry research.

Faculty: Dwight Seferos  (Department of Chemistry)
Professor Dwight Seferos from the Chemistry Department has actively been involved in research that seeks environmentally sustainable solutions to current methods in energy and materials.

Staff – Inspirational: Haley Higdon (Jackman Institute)
Haley is constantly inspiring and challenging everyone around her to think about making more sustainable choices and lessening their carbon footprints in their everyday lives.

Staff – Eco-footprint (tie): ESS Team – Leads Deborah Ovsenny and Cathy Eberts (HR&E)
The Division of Human Resources & Equity is committed to reducing the amount of paper it uses every year. To help meet this challenge, in 2015-2016 the Division launched a new Employee Self-Service tool for University of Toronto employees.

Staff – Eco-footprint (tie): 365/24/7 Lighting Retrofit Project – Ted Kent, Larry Yang, Anthony Wright (F&S)
The 365/24/7 Lighting Retrofit Project funded under the Utility Reduction Revolving Fund involved the conversion of T8, MR16, CFL and PAR lamps to equivalent LED lighting in garages, stairwells, halls, elevators and lobbies that need to be on 365-days/7-days/24-hours for security and occupancy schedules.

External: Roy Neves (D.J Rain and Company Limited)
The Central Irrigation Program is designed to reduce water consumption in the irrigation systems on the St. George Campus while maintaining the beauty of the campus grounds.


St. George Winners:Green Ribbon Award 2016 Winners
Student: Larissa Parker
Larissa continues the tradition of strong leadership of the Trinity College Environmental Society, organizing more than a dozen speaker events, outings and fundraisers in support of student-driven sustainable activities on campus.

Student Group: Sustainable Engineers Association (SEA)
The Sustainable Engineers Association (SEA) is one of the largest sustainability focused student-organizations at U of T. SEA strives to empower students to make a sustainable impact on the world by providing them with knowledge, experience and opportunities in the field of sustainability.

Faculty (tie): Patricia Brubaker (Faculty of Medicine)
Under her leadership, the committee spearheaded a number of projects that increased awareness of sustainability issues via implementation of a Green website, biweekly Green column contributions to MedEMail, and development of a FoM Green Policy.

Faculty (tie): Jane Forbes (OISE)
Jane Forbes has been an active force in creating a culture of sustainability at OISE for the past ten years. She has promoted environmental education through her career as a school teacher, and has continued this work at as an instructor in OISE’s Teacher Education Programs.

Staff – Inspirational: Kristy Bard (Anthropology)
Well-known within the Department of Anthropology for her resourcefulness as the Chair’s Assistant, Kristy Bard spearheaded a multi-stage initiative (2008-2015) to restore the Anthropology greenhouse from a state of disrepair into the vibrant nursery it is today.

Staff – Eco-footprint (tie): Michael Dymarski (Chemistry)
Over the past nine years, Mike Dymarski has passionately championed energy saving and sustainability at the University of Toronto.

Staff – Eco-footprint (tie): John Walker (F&S)
John Walker led two of the highly successful building energy reduction projects recently funded through the URRF (Utility Reduction Revolving Fund).

External: Sky Solar Group
Sky Solar has been instrumental in getting the GRITLab photovoltaic system installed with in kind and product donations as well as important follow up participation as the connection to the grid progressed from design criteria through assistance in discussions with Toronto Hydro, monitoring equipment and meetings with system electrical contractors. His passion for solar energy continues with on-going assistance with PV system opportunities evaluations on Campus.


St. George Winners:2015GreenGala Green Ribbon Award
Student: Helen Willoughby, Trinity College Environmental Society
Helen is currently serving as President of the Trinity College Environmental Society, and it is under her leadership that this student group has hosted a number of unprecedented environmental events and initiatives.

Faculty: Hilary Inwood, Ontario Institute for Studies Education
Hilary is a lecturer at OISE, teaching courses in art education and environmental education. She is a practicing artist often taking inspiration from nature with most of her work being biodegradable as well. In addition, Hilary is a Green Ambassador.

Staff: David Powell, School of the Environment
David Powell is one of the best resources available on campus who can let you know about environmental initiatives or courses. He keeps up with events, makes sure the student body is aware of them, and also provides career guidance for environmental fields or sustainability conferences that students might benefit from.

External: Waste Reduction Group Inc.
Waste Reduction Group should be recognized for all their contributions towards making St. George Campus’ recycling program one of the most comprehensive and effective recycling programs in any North American institution with a waste diversion rate of 72%.

The Beth Savan Honourary Award: Tyler Hunt
For five years, Tyler worked in the sustainability office, and was one of the original brains behind the ‘It’s Greener Here’ initiative. He was instrumental in the publication of our inaugural Sustainability Yearbook.


St. George Winners:Green Gala - Green Ribbon Awards 2014
Student: Sarah Levy, Trinity College Environmental Society
As TCES Vice-President last year and President this year, Sarah has undertaken a dizzying array of environmental initiatives at the College and beyond.

Faculty: Professor Andy Dicks, Department of Chemistry
Since its inception in 2008, over 250 CHM343 students who were taught by Professor Andy Dicks have received specific training in green chemistry and have subsequently put the fundamental discipline principles into practice.

Staff: Chun Lee, Manager, Mechanical Operations (Facilities & Services)
Chun came up with an ambitious initiative to reduce energy consumption at the Medical Sciences Building, which consumes more energy and is the most complex building to operate than any other building at the University.

External: Cypress Envirosystems
Cypress is a company that understands older buildings cannot access the latest energy saving opportunities because many have dated pneumatic controls – some more than 50 years old.  They have developed an easy retrofit solution that allows these old controls systems to work with the latest digital controls with a wireless technology.


St. George Winners:Green Ribbon Awards 2013
Students: Estelle Chettiar and Ruth Midgely
(The Veggie Mondays Team at Food Services)
This team launched “Veggie Mondays, “a campaign to promote vegetarianism through student-led pledging blitzes, blog posts featuring vegetarian recipes, and a 10% discount.

Faculty: Jason Bazylak, Mechanical Engineering
As a Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, he teaches the courses Engineering Strategies and Practice (ESP) and Design for the Environment (DfE).

Staff: Recycling Department
The entire Department has been instrumental in the introduction of the Non-Hazardous Laboratory Glass and Plastics recycling program in 2011 at the St. George campus. The program has been implemented across campus and diverts all clean laboratory plastics and glass from landfill.

External: Toronto Hydro
As a result of Toronto Hydro’s support and incentive program, an estimated 8,000,000 kWh will saved every year by the end of 2013 and a further 5,000,000 kWh/yr by the end of 2014.


St. George Winners: Green Ribbon Awards 2012
Student: The Public Water Initiative
PWI is a multipartisan student group working with different organizations to advocate for sustainable, clean & publicly accessible water sources on campus.

Faculty: OISE’s Environmental and Sustainability Working Group
Starting with a small group of faculty in 2008, it has been working tirelessly to embed ESE into OISE’s B.Ed and graduate programs through course infusions, workshops, research projects and co-curricular learning events.

Staff: Geoff Seaborn, Bursar, Trinity College
As Chair of the Sustainability Advisory Committee, he has supported and guided the Committee since its inception, encouraging participation on the part of students, faculty and staff, and has fostered concrete outcomes for the committee.

External: Triacta Sub-Metering
Triacta has completed submetering of 15 buildings so far and F&S has been very pleased with their work. Implementing submetering across campus will allow F&S to identify energy waste, and accurately measure savings of conservation measures.

UTM Winners:
Student: Brad Allen
Staff: Laura Ferlito
Faculty: The Department of Geography
External: Miway, Mississauga Transit


St. George Winners: Green Ribbon Awards 2011
Student: Zannah Matson
Zannah was president of UTERN from 2009 to 2011. She has also been working with the Office of Student Life to bring to life the Sustainability Leadership Program, a pilot program that aims to increase the skills and knowledge of those students working to create environmental change on campus.

Faculty: Faculty of Medicine Green Committee
The Faculty of Medicine Green Committee has been working since the summer of 2008 to develop and implement environmentally-sound practices.

Staff: Alan Webb
Alan facilitated the closure of Willcocks St. between St. George and Huron, he is consistent participant in the Sustainability Advisory Committee, and he has, most recently, been an outstanding supporter of students investigating various methods of advancing sustainability on campus through renewed access to naturalized spaces.

External: CarbonFree Technology and RESCo Energy Inc.
CarbonFree and RESCo were hired by Trinity College to deliver a 59 kW photovoltaic array on the Larkin Building, commissioned in March 2011.


St. George Winners: Green Ribbon Awards 2011
Student: U of T Campus Agriculture Project
UTCAP helped establish the Sky Garden atop the Galbraith building where over 200kg of produce was harvested over the last growing season.

Faculty: Trinity College
Trinity College was the first post-secondary institution in Ontario to sign the University and College Presidents’ Climate Change Statement of Action, a landmark climate pact between universities and colleges of Canada to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions on campus.

Staff: Recycling and Waste Management
Recycling and Waste Management achieved a record waste diversion rate and started a new campus-wide coffee cup recycling initiative.

External: Shaw Carpet
Shaw Carpet offers a completely recyclable structured back carpet system and is involved with various other green practices.

UTM Winners:
Student: Jai Sangha
Faculty: Lisa Kramer, Dept. of Management
Staff: Eileen Sweeney-Bergen, UTM Career Centre
External: Klenzoid Company Ltd.


St. George Winners:Green Ribbon Awards 2010
Student: Joanna Dafoe
Faculty: Dallan Lana School of Public Health Greening Working Group
Staff: Chef Jaco Lokker
External: IRC Group.

UTM Winners:
Student: Tooba Shakeel
Faculty: Nathan Basiliko
Staff: Joan McCurdy-Myers
External: Kim McNeilly

UTSC Winners:
Student: Johnny Westgate
Staff: Rob Sarson
Faculty: Ted Relph
External: Evergreen Canada

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