Frequently Asked Questions

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Which account should I create – an Internal or External Customer Account?

  • If the request is for a faculty, division, department or business unit at St. George Campus that uses the SAP-FIS system, then you need to create an INTERNAL customer account.
  • All departmental work done using a Service Order requires an F&S Internal customer account.

    To request a new internal customer account or to change an existing internal customer account, please use the following link:

    The form should be signed by the head of the department or the owner of the fund Center.

  • For all others (i.e. non-UofT organizations and Federated Colleges, etc.) you need to create an EXTERNAL customer account.
  • To request a new external customer account or to change an existing external customer account, please use the following link:

    External customers will receive monthly invoices for work performed by Facilities and Services. Invoices should be paid in full within 30 days from the invoice date

Where do I send the completed Customer Account form?

Mail To:

Customer Billing – Finance Services
Facilities & Services
255 McCaul St – 4th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1W7

Email: arfacilities.services@utoronto.ca

Can I create multiple customer accounts?

For Internal customers:
Yes, multiple customer accounts are allowed.
For External Customers:
Only one customer account is allowed.

How can I access the F&S Monthly Customer Statement?

Use the follow menu path in SAP:

Accounting→Funds Management→Information System→ Funds Management Section (U of T Reports) →Month-End Reports→F&S Customer Statement – 2015 onwards

How can I get information about the F&S customer Statement?

Use the following link to access complete documentation on the F&S Monthly Customer Statement report

Whom should I contact for billing inquiries?

  • The property manager should be the first point of contact to discuss or clarify charges to your account.
  • F&S Finance team can be contacted by email arfacilities.services@utoronto.ca or by phone at 416-946-5985.

Can I pay invoices using a credit card?

No. External customers should make payments by either cheque or wire transfer.

How do I report a problem relating to the F&S Monthly Customer Statement report?

Please contact Usama Makary at 416-978-1633 or via email at usama.makary@utoronto.ca

Whom should I contact to follow up on vendor invoices?

The university’s payment terms are 35 days. If your invoice is outstanding for more than 35 days from the date of submission, then please contact Accounts Payable staff as noted below:

NamePhone NumberEmail Address
Vicky Kaeva416-978-2338violeta.kaeva@utoronto.ca
Lisa Petrucci416-978-7148lisa.petrucci@utoronto.ca
Sonia Verasamy416-978-6699sonia.verasamy@utoronto.ca